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Andrea Jackson

I understand the complexities associated with preparing for your Ofsted Apprenticeship Inspection. We will work with you to ensure that your training plan meets all requirements and demonstrates a commitment to quality and excellence.

The training plan services include:

Team Alignment:
Changing/maintaining company culture:
Managing team conflict:
Performance management:
Identifying Issues in delivery programme:
Safeguarding processes:
Agile management:
Identifying learner impact:
OKR (Objectives and Key Results):


With over three decades of experience in the apprenticeship sector, I am a recognized Ofsted Inspection Planning Expert and a driving force for positive change within the industry. I currently serve on an awarding body collective board, where I contribute my expertise to shaping the future of apprenticeships. My extensive experience spans various roles, from teacher and assessor through to senior management, giving me a comprehensive understanding of the apprenticeship landscape. I am passionate about enhancing the learner experience and ensuring that apprentices receive the best possible training and support. As a recognized authority in Ofsted Inspection Planning, I have conducted workshops at conferences and actively participate in governance boards for apprenticeship training providers. I have also provided invaluable support to training providers, guiding them through their first monitoring visits, subsequent inspections, and improvement initiatives. Driven by a deep-rooted commitment to quality and excellence, I founded my business with the mission of elevating apprenticeship standards. My dedication to the sector is further evident in my pursuit of an honours degree in Leadership and Management, demonstrating my continuous strive for professional development. Beyond my professional endeavours, I maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. I tend to my allotment and passionately support my beloved Hereford FC as a season ticket holder at Edgar Street. My expertise, passion, and unwavering commitment to quality make me an invaluable asset to the apprenticeship sector. I am a true advocate for apprentices and a driving force behind transformative change within the industry.

What I offer:

Partner with a 25+ year apprenticeship expert for top-tier training quality assurance
Inspection Planning:
Tackle OFSTED inspections confidently, ready to navigate challenges with assured expertise
Quality Improvement:
Ensure your training meets regulations, motivates learners and impresses employers
Grade Protection:
Avoid a bad OFSTED grade and its negative financial effects

A high-quality learning experience for your apprentices

I offer a range of professional services tailored to meet our client’s needs.

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Regular Posts:


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Also can I add you have been such a great support  and this testimony doesn’t do your service justice! Thank you for your continuous advice and guidance. We were planning for our Ofsted monitoring visit. The support has helped the organisation immensely and in many different ways. Andrea is able to provide tailored support based on your companies requirements. Andrea has been able to drive a positive change and growth for our company.
Andrea is able to support all levels of the business and is able to identify areas of improvement. I would highly recommend Andrea to training providers who are new to the industry as well as existing providers as Andrea has years of experience and up to date knowledge of the sector. Andrea is able to relate to challenges faced by providers through her experience and can suggest strategies to improve. Andrea assisted us with our SAR and QIP. This enabled the company to identify areas which needed developing and prioritise them. Andrea was able to lead and motivate our leadership team to support changes that were required. Andrea will be an asset to any company  whom she supports and is definitely able to guide and lead with a result orientated approach.
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CEO - Employer Provider
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As a new training provider, we required someone with a proven track record to provide sound advice, guidance and mentoring to become OFSTED ready.
Andrea has identified gaps in existing knowledge and helped provide meaningful solutions. We appreciate  Andrea’s Straight talking , depth of knowledge , and a wealth of experience.  We recommend Andrea’s support 100%.
Andrea’s advice has not just guided and informed our journey towards OFSTED inspection, but has also provided valuable insights into how we can improve our training provision and improve the learning experience for our apprentices.
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Training Provider - Employer Provider
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Nu - Gnu supported us in the six months leading up to our monitoring visit and with her independent advice we were able to gain a result of significant progress in apprenticeships. Ofsted quoted that leader and managers understand accurately the strengths and weaknesses of their courses and this would not have been possible without Andrea’s guidance on our SAR and QIP which formed the framework for our development. I would highly recommend Nu Gnu to new training providers as they are very experienced and understand the practical challenges faced by the sector.
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Director of training provider
First monitoring visit
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Andrea supported our team when we were preparing for an Ofsted Reinspection monitoring visit in 2022. Andrea’s approach is open, honest and action oriented which helped us to go through the reinspection and to demonstrate progress. We particularly liked using Microsoft planner as it aligned with our ways of working and ensured we had the right evidence of impact ready to showcase to inspectors. This helped build confidence in our team. Andrea is a great sounding boarding for ideas and to explore options for improvement.
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Director of training provider
being reinspected
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Andrea has provided mentoring on organisational modelling and organisational planning to ensure our organisation works effectively and efficiently. Andrea’s support has enabled us to reflect and improve our current structure.
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SME Training Provider
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We recently had our first Ofsted monitoring visit and I realised I was going to need help to get through the full inspection.
You helped us better understand what we needed to do in preparation for Ofsted, gave us a step-by-step framework for doing so, placed our preparation into a wider strategic context to make sure that the work we were doing to prepare for inspection also fitted in our organisational goals, and provided reassurance to Ofsted that we were serious about working towards outstanding outcomes.
The specific benefit we had was probably, reminding us to keep inspection preparation and wider goals in sync.
I would recommend your support to others. Your presence at our first full inspection, for which we were not adequately prepared, was probably critical to getting through it.
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Dan - Managing Director
Training Provider delivering Level 4 and 7 apprenticeships

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